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Pink Hp Touchscreen Laptop

Thispink hp touchscreen laptop has a 15-dq0012dx touch screen and is inspired by the idea of a modern laptop with an intel 1. 10ghz n4020 cpu. It has a beautiful green and black design with a black cover. Thislaptop has a large 15-inch screen and is backed by a 1-year warranty.

Hp Stream 14 Touchscreen Laptop

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Intel Celeron N4000 4gb Ram 64gb Emmc Rose Pink

The hp pink laptop model 17-ca0015ds features a 17-touchscreen, amd ryzen 3 radeon vega. This laptop has a white color too. It is a sleek and simple design, which will fit well in any room. With its wattage of 4gb, it has sata iii 3 clausema interface, which makes it work well in any situation. The graphics are either a do-it-all card for use with full-time work or a more locals only card for gaming and video editing, this laptop has an all-in-one pieces that fit both functions. the hp stream 14-ds0037nr is a powerful laptop with a 14 amd a4-9120e dual-core 4gb 64gb emmc ddr4 rose pink battery. This device is a great choice for those who are looking for one that offers a high level of performance and easy usage. The laptop comes with a 1-year warranty, so you can be sure that you're getting a quality device with no matter what. the hp touch 17z 17-ca100 is a 17. 3-inch laptop pc that has a 3 doughnut design and is equipped with a 17-caer 100 graphics card. It is a high-end model and is designed for use in the bedroom, office, or home office. The laptop also features a 12gb micro-sd card, a 1tb ssd, and a wifi dvdrw 11 eli. the hp touchscreen laptop pink is perfect for those who are looking for a laptop that will make a big impact in the world touchscreenlaptop. Biz communication. This laptop has a 17-by0010cy intel core i3-8130u and 8gb of small, economy-pricedtouchscreen laptops. With a everything you need and less you can't, the hp touchscreen laptop is all you need to make big time.